Design Works

Design Works

[Jacket Design]Minato no Jocker Haruyo Watanabe 2024.Feb.


Graphic Design]Trace Collection 2023.Oct.


Graphic Design]CRYSTAL RECORD 2023.Sep.


[Promotion Design]P2X Co.,Ltd 2023.Aug




Graphic Design]The 12th Memorial Ceremony for the Great East Japan Earthquake 2023.Mar


Graphic Design]Earth Plaza 2021.Dec


Graphic Design]The 10th Memorial Ceremony for the Great East Japan Earthquake 2021.Oct


[Web Design]Jewelry Watanabe 2021.Jan


Graphic Design Web Design]NABIS Inc. 2020.


Graphic Design]Reiwa Music 2020


Graphic Design]Live of Shizuo Wada 2018.Nov


Graphic Design]Restaurant MICHIBA 2018.Jun


Graphic Design]Yokosuka Kyosai Hospital 2018


Graphic Design Web Design]Master key & Shoe repair Classic 2018 – 2020


Graphic Design]Dominican Republic Pamphlet for Tourism EXPO Japan / Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic 2018.Nov


Graphic Design]Ministerio de Educación de la República Dominicana  2017 – 2019


Graphic Design]Vient del Caribe  2017 – 2019


Graphic Design]J-Wing  2017


Graphic Design Web Design]Seabed storage liquor Aquamarine Curve  2017


Graphic Design Web Designcomic cafe monmon in Indonesia  2015 – 2018


Graphic Design]Waseda Bunkakan  2015


Graphic Design Web Design]House cleaning and Housekeeping Clean Clerk 2012


Graphic Design Web Design]a private-tutoring school KOKOROMIRU 2012


Graphic Design Web Design]Jibunshi Produce OMOIDE Inc. 2011


Graphic Design Web Design]a private-tutoring school WALKWAY 2010